Cascadia Rising is a regional network of environmental organizations in the Pacific Northwest (aka Cascadia). We recognize and value strength in diversity of tactics, and some of our member organizations use the principles of nonviolence, civil disobedience, and direct action to prevent the destruction of our increasingly scarce native forests. We seek to approach the problems of environmental degredation at a bio-centric manner.

We do not believe in single issue politics – we work to promote social justice and environmental sustainability and act in solidarity with others working against oppression in its many forms. Our ideals are: locally based grassroots organizing, working from a holistic, bio-centric, anti-corporate and anti-oppressive orientation, supporting indigenous land rights and ecologically focused groups, condoning the use of non-violent direct action.

Cascadia Rising grew out of the collective organizing around Cascadia Summer 2003, which sought to accomplish many of these same goals as a proactive response to expected erosion of environmental laws regarding our public lands and National Forests.

Looking for the Cascadia Rising Infoshop?
Cascadia RiSiNG! EcoDefense is totally autonomous from the Cascadia Rising Infoshop. During the Summer of 2003 two great activist projects in the Pacific Northwest appeared, both identifying with the same name, but serving very different functions.